Subject RE: [firebird-support] Security
Author Tim

I'm from Cape Town. And the company I work for supply software to the
fuel industry - we have 700 Firebird installations throughout Southern Africa.

As Lester said, the best idea may well be to lock the server in a
box. Any encryption system, with enough time,. can be broken. The
best way of implementing security may well be to implement better
physical security, rather than better data security.



At 15:06 02/12/2005, you wrote:

>Well you will definately be shocked to see some of the security for
>computers here in South Africa.
>Some of the sites PC's is standing on the counters, so accessability
>to them is quite easy if someone is breaking in.
>But here as well they are per law required to secure the
>information, so I am going to implement the encryption layer, and
>definately going to persuade these offices to implement better security.

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