Subject Re: [firebird-support] Security
Author Lester Caine
Tim wrote:

> And there are lots of other things in Drs rooms worth stealing, I
> would presume.
> My advice is not to worry about it. The technical skills required to
> access the data anyway are not all THAT common ...

The 'problem' is that the the doctor is legally liable to keep data
confidential, and given the number of doctors surgeries that I know have
been stripped of machines, it *IS* something that needs worrying about.
But the solution is quite simple and one that, while it costs extra, is
money that most insurance companies will insist is paid anyway. The
computers need to be secured in locked steel cabinets to prevent theft.
The ideal solution is a single practice server, rack mounted in a data
cabinet, which is then housed in the corner of the secure drugs area,
but one man and his dog surgeries will just need a bolted down housing

But none of this has anything to do with Firebird. It is just sensible
practice what ever software is used, and certainly is required practice
even within the hospital sites that I deal with when patient data is
being stored ;)

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