Subject Re: Rules for Metadata changes when DB is on-line
Author Adam
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> Hi All,
> Can someone point to any source of _allowable_ metadata changes that
> may be safely made whilst a DB is on-line?
> Generally this is a tricky area as most changes seem to be heavily
> discouraged and can even cause DB corruption. Some I am assuming are
> ok. ie. Creation/Dropping of Indexes, etc?
> Basically definitive information is what is being requested.

Cant give you this, but what I can give you a few.

Creating new Tables / SP / views should work
Adding and Altering constraints (including FK) exclusive access to the
other table so this may be a problem.
I assume, but can not confirm that the same goes for creating triggers.
Altering triggers / procedures / tables / views etc will require
exclusive access.
You may have trouble with adding indices too.

Basically there is not a huge amount of DDL that can be done without
requiring exclusive access.