Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2 download problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:09 PM 1/12/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> I don't know if this is off-topic

It is off-topic but it's reasonable to ask, I guess.

> I tried downloading Firebird2 Beta 1 Classic for
>Windows many times from the specified URL
> but the download keeps terminating after a random
>number of bytes (somtimes 8KB, sometimes 48KB). It
>does not terminate with an error, but the resultant
>file is always corrupt.

If the download stops at 48 K, of course it's corrupt! The download is
about 3+ Mb!

> Does anyone have any idea about what is going on?

If it's not due to some timeout setting on your system or at your ISP, it's
probably down to the current activities at Sourceforge. They are busy
optimizing all of the servers and have sent us admin notes warning of
possible delays at certain times of day. FWIW, apparently the time of day
when the German developers come online is the highest stress period of the
day. (If I calculate this right, that's going to be around 1000 to 1800 GMT).

Incidentally, by using their web servers for our alpha and beta downloads,
we are bending the rules about usage of SF resources, anyway, so we
shouldn't get too cross with SF when we suffer a bit at peak load times....

When you finally do get your beta, please observe *our* rules and send your
questions to the firebird-testing or firebird-devel lists - NOT here.