Subject Re: [firebird-support] Server Defrag while Firebird database is active
Author Ann W. Harrison
Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:
> One of our customers wants to defrag the database server and I feel
> that our software should be fine with a defrag at any time. Of course,
> it would be best after hours for server performance reasons, IMO.
> I do have a slight concern about how our database server would react to
> a defrag. What is the effect, if any, of defragging the disk at a
> server while the Firebird database is active?

I don't recommend defragmenting a disk while the database server is
running. Some people have reported I/O errors that were probably caused
by conflicts between the server and a defragmentation program. It's
only "probable" and I don't know what systems or programs, but I
wouldn't do it.