Subject RE: [firebird-support] Modify users
Author Si Carter
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> Is that the only way?

No, you can use the Services API instead.

> Do you get the option to change the
> default password when you install Firebird?

Not on windows, couldn't say for nix builds

> Is there a master
> password for Firebird installs?

masterkey on windows.

> I have a note of a username/password I used for Firebird a
> few years ago somewhere but it does not seem to work anymore
> and I am not sure what it applies to...

If you log in as SYSDBA, you can change the password for any user. If you
can't remember your sysdba password then rename your old security.fdb to
security.fdb.old (stop fb service/processes first) and re-install so you get
a clean copy of security.fdb, or restore from backup.


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