Subject Re: XSQLDA error
Author mikcaau
--- In, Tim <tim@s...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using IBX 5.04 (Delphi 5 SP 1) on a Firebird database.
> We are getting an error "XSQLDA index out of range" on an
> IBStoredProcedure.
> The stored procedure does an update of a table : there is no associated
> IBQuery. We use the IBStoredprocedure component directly.
> What is causing this problem, and how can we fix it?
> Thanks
> Tim
Not sure that IBX is compliant with Firebird anymore, they've diverged
too much.
Whenever I have problems like that I
1) Check db to see if it has any problems - gfix with switches -
after I moved the db off the development machine those types of
problems disapeared.
2) Make sure everyone is off and delete the firebird lck file