Subject Re: Case insensitive queries in Firebird 3 ?
Author diegodelafuente
--- In, Carsten Schäfer
<ca_schaefer@g...> wrote:
> Hi,
> will there be case insensitive queries that can use an index in
Firebird 3 ?
> I often see questions about this issue in this newsgroup and now i
> to know if this problem will be adressed in the next future ?
> I think it would be a very useful feature.
> mfg
> Carsten

You can use a work arround in firebird 1.5.
if you hace a field called "name", make a new one
called "name_upper".
run a Sql command like "update 'table' set name_upper = upper(name);"
And then in the insert procedure you can add tha value to the
field "name" and the same value with upper("value") to
the "name_upper" field.
the you have thist field with all Upper values and you can run a
case insensitive search in thist field (you must apply an index to
thist field)
That works fine, but you must note that you must duplicate the the
fields using more space in the DB.

Sorry for my english

Diego de la Fuente
Buenos Aires, Argentina