Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Stored Procedure Source Code limits on # of lines.
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
rbozzz wrote:

>Hi Simon,
>Thanks for quick response, I do considering what have you told me, I'm
>just hoping that there's other way to solve this, maybe by increasing
>the size limit thru configuration of firebird system tables. I do need
>those remarks in my stored procedure for later maintenance and with
>regards to splitting it to multiple stored procedure, that may
>complicates the coding but still if there's no other way then that
>shall be my right option.
>regards and more power.


I don't think breaking your logic in small pieces to increase the
complexity, I think it's the other way.

Small pieces are easier to understand and debug, and each part are
isolated from the other.

I think you will be glad to split it.

see yu

Alexandre Benson Smith
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