Subject Re: Stored Procedure Source Code limits on # of lines.
Author rbozzz
Hi Simon,

Thanks for quick response, I do considering what have you told me, I'm
just hoping that there's other way to solve this, maybe by increasing
the size limit thru configuration of firebird system tables. I do need
those remarks in my stored procedure for later maintenance and with
regards to splitting it to multiple stored procedure, that may
complicates the coding but still if there's no other way then that
shall be my right option.

regards and more power.

--- In, "Si Carter"
<simon.carter@t...> wrote:
> Olan,
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Please help me with my stored procedure problem? I'm getting
> > an error message with my stored procedure that reached 1028
> > lines of code (Including blank lines and comments). Is this a
> > limitation of firebird version 1.5? or is there any
> > configuration that I just need to set or updates?
> AFAIK the limit for sql statement is 64kb. Might be worth removing
> comments/blank lines or splitting it into sub stored procs.
> Hih
> Si Carter
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