Subject Re: corrupted database
Author Graham
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> ...and you had Foreced Writes turned off? If not, a more likely

I just did the default Firebird install.

> would be a dying hard disk, especially if you're not in the habit of
> scanning your hard disks for danger signs. Such things should not be
> neglected on a filesystem that stores databases.

Brand new SCSI drive - well, a few months old now.

> IMO, you are out of your depth. QLI is an old InterBase
command-line query
> tool that Borland ditched years ago, though it still works, even with
> Firebird. You can search the IBPhoenix site for the resurrected user
> documentation for QLI but, even with that, it's going to anything
but the
> quick fix you seem to be looking for.


> You're probably going to need professional help to recover this

Oh well, it was only email - and mostly spam at that. I'm using
Firebird as a database for the grey listing mail server that I am writing.

> since you appear to have gone past the point of logical repair . I
> you've got a recent backup as it will help a lot with the

Yes, I just restored a copy from a few months ago, and its working again.

> Keep the corrupted database on ice and work ONLY with copies. It's

I'm going to keep trying to recover this database if only for the
experience. I've had Interbase/Firebird running for over a decade now
and never experienced corruption before.

Now to see if I can find your book in any NZ bookstores ...