Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows 2003 x64 & Firebird
Author Thomas Miller
as1616z wrote:
> Hello, I have decided to buy a server with 2 Xeon EM64T. My following
> doubt is if I must install Windows 2003 for 32 or 64 bits, because I
> have not experience with Win x64 to run Firebird.
Version 2.0 and Vulcan should work, but they are both still in beta.
> Somebody already has proven it ?
> What about the old Borland BDE ?
None of Borland's products will run in native 64bit mode. With some
back door
tweaks, I understand you can get some of the Delphi. Net stuff to run in
.net 64.

The BDE is SQL Links has been deprecated for about 5 years. You really
need to
change to dbExpress or one of the native suites.
> Thanks all,

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