Subject Re: Full Text Searching For Firebird
Author yev_groups
I wonder what kind of full text search engine is used by
IBPCD_Search.exe from IBPhoenix Developer CD. There is a full text
search function that seems to use Firebird to store the index. The
"about" box from this program says that they use "IBPCD Search
Engine". Has anybody ever heard something about it?


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> martinthrelly wrote:
> >hello alexandre thanks for the reply
> >
> >our application is held on a server. ive researched a bit about
> >dotlucene. however this article put me off a bit.
> >
> >
> >
> >basically they are saying that dotlucene is fine if your data is
> >static. but if its being hit and updated all the time you risk
> >concurrency issues between the database data and the dotlucene data.
> >this for me is a big worry.
> >
> >what do you make of this? do you have any other suggestions? do you
> >know if firebird intend to include a full text search in a future
> >release? thanks
> >
> >
> Just a comment,
> I had made a pilot project to do full text search.
> The project goal is very simple, just on table.
> I wrote a program to populate the database that consists in:
> Insert the Document record
> Decompose the document text and insert in a Document x Word Table
> It works well, but are not generic... it works for that table in
> special, and the documents should be inserted using that interface (the
> program I wrote)
> I will outline what I think that could be a better approach in a very
> macro view:
> 1.) Create your tables normally
> 2.) Create a table that hold's what field for what table should be
> 3.) Create a Table of Words, a table of "Words x Records" (that will
> hold the Table Name, the Record ID and the word it contains and some
> other relevant data to make the full text search, like position of this
> word in the field to measure distance between words, relevance, etc.)
> 4.) Create an APP that will let you mark wich field in each table
> be indexed, that App will generate automatically triggers that posts
> events for another application to listen
> 5.) Write an App that will listen for events and when receive an event
> search for the record, look in the fields that should be indexed and
> decompose the text into words populating the "Words x Records" Table
> 6.) Write an Stored Procedure that will receive some parameters like
> word to search, bollean criteria for the search, in wich table to
> (or a list of tables, or all tables and so on) this Stored Procedure
> will Search the "Words x Records" table and return the TableName, the
> RecordID and the relevance of the data found
> With this result of this Procedure you could in your "Search
> Application" present a briefing of the data found and provide ways
to go
> to the real records
> Other things you will need to consider:
> Sinonyms
> plural x singular
> soundex or metaphone search
> too common words (there is no sense to search for the word "the")
> I am sure I forget to think about a bunch of other things that I
> overlooked or even don't know about. And I am sure that this is far
> complex than what I think it is...
> How well or if it will even work I don't know, the mechanism I did
> well (in my experiments) with small quantity of data and a fixed table,
> don't know if with a LOT of data it will crash.
> see you !
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