Subject Re: Hardware for firebird
Author as1616z
Angel wrote:

Tanks all, I summarize your questions.

The hardware I will use is a two xeon processor, 4Gb, scsi hd and
hardware raid. Actually the server runs firebird Super server with
forcedwrites=on and Windows 2003.
The application is one-thread, and I need to insert a record per time
beause every record inserted requires a few additional queries based
on some complex calc. The reason to insert 1 million records once a
week is to generate bank payments that must be saved on database, and
later generate an export csv file.
The task is done locally, but I'm thinking about to use the server and
other pc connected on a gigabyte NIC and do the inserts in parallel.

Firebird Classic will work fine on windows ? (I read that is
experimental on windows).

Thanks Angel,

--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...>
> as1616z wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I need to do every week a massive "INSERT INTO" of 1 million records.
> > I need to insert a row per time because additional queries and
> > complex calc). This is a very hard and long work and is important to
> > save the maximum time of process.
> >
> > Is a raid 5 with 4 SCSI HD 15000rpm a good option ?
> > Increase ram memory up to 4GB can improve significatively this work ?
> > Any ideas ?
> Increasing RAM will probably not improve things much.
> I suppose you cannot deactivate indexes during the insert process,
and it
> is a pity if you cannot insert at least a few thousand records
between each
> commit.
> Check index depth (and if necessary adjust page size).
> 15krpm discs is probably the fastest you can get. I don't know
which RAID
> configuration is the fastest (for inserts), and you might not
benefit a lot
> from caching in the RAID controller if you need to commit for every
> inserted.
> Fast processors (of course) and as much cache on the processors can
> valuable. I think many processors now come with 2MB (earlier, 512KB
- 1MB
> was common).
> Do you run it locally on the server (to eliminate network
> limitations)? With multiple processors you can have the insert
> run on a separate processor (different than the one Fb server is using).
> Can you split the data and run several insert programs in parallel?
> Can ForcedWrites "safely" be turned OFF during this process?
> --
> Aage J.