Subject Re: Problem - growing DB size
Author mysha_cz
It means, that I have still at about 170 trancations opened(not
committed or rolled back)?

--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> 25000 or 75000 is not a 'massive' amount. I normally work with
> databases containing between 1 and 15 million records, and that
> even enough to be a big database in Firebird terms.
> There is no way to turn off Firebirds multi generational
> (keeping several versions of each record), it is a fundamental part
> the engine. What you should always try to do, is to not have
> long-running transactions (i.e. don't start a transaction and wait
> several hours before committing). Your oldest active transaction is
> 528 and your next is 703, that means that inserts/updates/deletes
> about 170 transactions has to be kept. Now, there is no reason to
> worry (unless every transaction updates lots of records, and you
> update considerably less than 10000 records per transaction on
> average), if you committed or rolled back the oldest active
> transaction so that the number increased to e.g. 628, Firebird can
> reuse the space used by record versions from the 100 transactions
> are now obsolete.
> That you have 25000 records and 75000 old versions, does not mean
> the number of old versions neccessarily will be higher when you have
> 2500000 records in your database (though you must take care of your
> transactions). Your indexes also seems fine.
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