Subject Re: Digest Number 3683
Author Adam
> Hi I woul like to know if thera are plans in Firebird to:
> - Increase the object name size (At this time the limit is 16

From memory, the limit is 27 or 31 chars for most things.

> - Return recorsets (1 and more) in stored procedures without the
output parameters.

Firebird already returns multiple records from stored procedures using
the select * from SP_blah syntax. The output parameters define what is
returned, so unless I misunderstand you, you cant get ANY result
without an output parameter, let alone multiple, it doesn't make sense.

> I like very much firebird an I use it but I think that mysql has
been improved more in the last years.

Not hard. They are still playing catch up in many areas. Whilst I
agree the object length should be increased to make it more XP
programming friendly, it falls below several features on my wanted
list (query priority management, built in monitoring tools, alter view
, larger limits for records per table etc and several others).

In anycase, this is the wrong forum for feature requests.