Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Euro characters and UPPER
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I tried the _iso8859_1 in front of the string, but the øæå was just a
> simple example. I need to have a field there that will be converted
> to uppercase.
> But this is the important question: If I create a database with say
> ISO8859_1, then will UPPER work with Euro characters?

You'll need to use a non-binary collation for that. Using a collation
NO_NO should work. If you've forgotten to specify a collation at field
creation, then you could use the COLLATE predicate in the UPPER
function, but only if your field has been created with the ISO8859_1
character set.

For example:

select upper(afield collate no_no) from mytable

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