Subject Re: [firebird-support] grants
Author Milan Babuskov
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>>IIRC, you have this in Vulcan, and it will be available in Firebird 3.0.
> Are you talking about the grant complain about users or the fact that in
> Vulcan I will be enbale to have users in local databases ?

You will have users in local database, and I assume that granting
privileges for nonexistant users could be easily prevented in such case
(a matter of simple foreign key between users table and privilege table).

>>Perhaps you should use some tool to grant privileges instead of typing
>>SQL manually.
> We have a copy of IBExpert but it's not on my machine.
> And it goes to the update database script, I go to my costumers run the
> script for the version he has til the current version. So every comand
> need to be in this script. I know some tools have recording features but
> I use a lot IBConsole (yes, the old one !)
> By the way, I like to type :-)

You would really like FlameRobin then: it automatically logs statements
in scripts (single or multi-file) and it doesn't have user and privilege
management yet, so you can (read: must) type GRANTs manually ;)

Milan Babuskov