Subject Re: [firebird-support] grants
Author Milan Babuskov
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> As I understand the former will grant to a user or role and take the
> name of a procedure/trigger as the user/role name. What I wonder is why
> FB let me grant something to a invalid user/role.

It would let you because users are not defined in the same database.
Users are server-wide and Firebird does not check the security database
when you issue GRANT statements. I find this feature useful since it
allows me to grant privileges on developement database (where the server
only has few users) and backup/restore that database on production
server where there are many, many users.

> If it complain about
> it I will in a snap realize that I forget the procedure/trigger word.

IIRC, you have this in Vulcan, and it will be available in Firebird 3.0.

> Any comments ?

Perhaps you should use some tool to grant privileges instead of typing
SQL manually.

Milan Babuskov