Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Slow execution of first query
Author Pavel Menshchikov
Hello Nico,

NC> The connection to the DB is fast, it's only the first time
NC> the "Query.Open" statement is executed. The next 10 or 20 times I
NC> open the query, it's always fast.
Then, my guess is that's server-side caching. Can you execute the
query via ibexpert/(similar tool)... to get additional info about
executing the statement (I mean, time to prepare, time to execute,
reads, writes, etc. for the first time and for the second)?

NC> I know this is not the right list
NC> to ask, but is it possible with FIBPlus to load the metadata at
NC> startup of the application ?
You may turn metadata caching on. But it is a database metadata, not a
query metadata. Look at TpFIBDatabase properties - you'll find it
there (AFAIR).

Best regards,
Pavel Menshchikov