Subject Re: Slow execution of first query
Author Nico Callewaert
Hi Pavel,

The connection to the DB is fast, it's only the first time
the "Query.Open" statement is executed. The next 10 or 20 times I
open the query, it's always fast. I know this is not the right list
to ask, but is it possible with FIBPlus to load the metadata at
startup of the application ?

Thanks again !


--- In, Pavel Menshchikov
<developer@l...> wrote:
> Hello Nico,
> NC> Thanks for the info. The Firebird build is It is
> NC> running local on a Windows XP machine. DB connectivity is done
> NC> FIBPlus. The extension is FDB and no shadowing.
> NC> The delay is happening only when the first time the form is
> NC> The connection to the database is established already at that
> NC> I will try the hyperthreading. Anything I can check still ?
> Can you trace, and tell us at which step it take too long: when you
> perform DB.Connect; when you perform Dataset/Query.Open...?
> And FIBPlus allows you caching of meta-data (as IBO does), so you
> use it.
> --
> Best regards,
> Pavel Menshchikov