Subject Re: Euro characters and UPPER
Author georgethenorge
Well then, here are really simple questions:

If you create a database with say ISO8859_1, will the UPPER function
correctly change øæå to ØÆÅ?

Can you change a database from NONE to say ISO8859_1 after it has
already been populated? I understand that I would need to update some
field content myself, but other than that, would it work?


--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer" <ts@i...
> wrote:
> > Just the default - none.
> >
> > You are talking about the character set for the database?
> Yes, and the character set / collation on field level. Not sure what
> when you've created a database with NONE (and existing fields) and
define a
> field with ISO8859_1 / NO_NO (collation), then connect to your
database with
> ISO8859_1, for instance.
> Regards,
> Thomas