Subject RE: [firebird-support] Shutting down Firebird when using classic server on Windows
Author Nigel Weeks
> Since the Classic service is not a service that is being
> shared by all connections (as is the case with Superserver)
> the only way (for Classic) is to perform a forced shutdown of
> the database using gfix -shut -force nnn. Eventually, all of
> the client processes will be terminated and any unprepared
> clients will get network exceptions and lose their uncommitted work.
> Don't use FbGuard with Classic or you run the risk of
> accumulating ghost connections. And don't stop the main
> fb_inet_server service if there are still client processes
> running. Just keep the database in shutdown mode (=
> offline) until you are ready to reopen the shop.
> ./heLen

Thankyou for that piece of wisdom, Helen!
That'll save me lots of time waiting for garbage to be collected after I
`killall fb_inet_server`...naught me.