Subject Re: [firebird-support] 2.0 Client to 1.5 Server
Author Aage Johansen
Yves Glodt wrote:
> Aage Johansen wrote:
>>Yves Glodt wrote:
>> > supposed we have a delphi application which uses ibobjects (which will
>> > hopefully support fb2 soon :D ), and thus we develop, compile and link
>> > against the fbclient version 2.
>> > Could that application safely be used against an 1.5 server (or even an
>> > 1.0) ?
>>I think you can use IBO for Fb/1.0, Fb/1.5, and Fb/2 - all with the same
>>exe (possibly with the fbclient for Fb/1.5). But you should ask on the
>>ibobjects newsgroup for the best advice.
> Hi,
> my question was more about the fbclient itself than ibobjects... I guess
> they will sooner or later have an fb2-compatible version...
> The question is: If I have an application (using or not using ibobjects)
> with a locally installed fbclient v1.5, can it safely connect to an FB2
> server?

It is my understanding (from what I heard at the conference) that you will
be able to do this - however, I have been mistaken before...
The proof is in the pudding (I haven't tried it, yet).

Aage J.