Subject Re: [firebird-support] Joining Databases
Author Milan Babuskov
Jason Dodson wrote:
> Apparently Yahoo uses some custom header to keep track of threads

Not really. E-mail clients are the one sending and receiving the headers.

>. It is stupid
> in my opinion, as it forces one to use an email client is specific, possibly
> uncomfortable ways.

Clicking a "new message" button and another click to select
firebird-support from the address book, seems much less uncomfortable to
me than clicking reply and then manually deleting the entire message
body and subject.

Besides, all modern e-mail clients support "compose mail to" context
menu for any address you see on the screen. I see that you are using
Thunderbird. So, just pick any message from the firebird-support list,
and instead of clicking "reply" and going through the trouble or
manually deleting everything, you can simply right-click the
"" and select "Compose mail to". You get
a fine and proper new message, already addressed to the list. :)

Milan Babuskov