Subject Re: Queries across FDBs? Across servers?
Author Adam
--- In, "eddiehodad" <eddie@h...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Not sure how to word the question (ie what you would call such a
> feature), but we have a requirement to develop 2 end user apps based
> on FB, each of which can function independently, but which when both
> installed on the same network, can pool their data for
> cross-application reporting, etc.
> To this end, the question has arisen as to whether a query can include
> tables from different FDBs (same server), or even different FDBs on
> different servers.

No, Firebird does not support cross database queries, although it does
support cross database transactions with 2 phase commit. If you
implemented the join logic yourself, you could get it to work.

> If its not in 1.5.3, I'd be interested to know if anything like this
> is in the roadmap.

I think it is on the maybe one day page.