Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak slow on remote connection fas on local
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Hi Frank !

Frank Schlottmann-Goedde wrote:

>Alexandre Benson Smith schrieb:
>>First, I am running on a 100Mbps lan.
>>Second, the messages of the verbose output generated by gbak are local
>>(gbak application printing to stdout), the gbak (without the -SE switch)
>So do you say that if you use gbak -v -b somehost:/path/yourdb.fdb
>without the -SE switch (and without using aliases) is faster?
I don't understand your doubt in my question... I will try to explain
again (sorry if I am prolixous, my English is not good)

1.) both computers (client and server) on the same lan
2.) If I run gbak MyDatabase.fbk -user sysdba
-password masterkey -v -t on the client machine ( the
process is too slow
3.) If I run gbak localhost:MyDatabase MyDatabase.fbk -user sysdba
-password masterkey -v -t on the server machine the process is fast

I can understand that "localhost" tend to be a bit faster than a real
TCP/IP conection since it don't go trought the wire, just the loopback
interface, but I am experiencing a 10 seconds back-up using "localhost"
and a more than 30 minutes (stopped it because I can't believe it's so
slow) on the remote machine, the lan has low traffic, the server is
almost idle (below 2% CPU utilization)

>I don't see this behaviour (using windows clients against linux classic
>servers, maybe because I don't use -SE and aliases?)
I don't use -SE, but I do use aliases, but I think aliases have nothing
to the problem here, lookslike slow comunication as if my lan are
saturated, what I am sure it is not

>gbak is somewhat slower over tcp/ip than local, but not that much.
Yep... that is what I am wondering about.

Where my problem lies ?

I could even think that my switch is broken. But I copied a 245MB file
from the same server to the same client using Samba and it took 30
seconds wich brings me 8.33MB/sec what I think is ok for a 100Mbps lan
(taking that this time envolves read from the server disk go trough the
wire and write to the client disk)


Thank you !

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil