Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak slow on remote connection fas on local
Author Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB)
Ok, just to add something more to this backup talk...

When I run a backup using the services API from a Delphi application
over internet (IBX or IBOAdmin components, or even using IBExpert) on
a remote server, ADSL connection, it takes more than 30 minutes to
finish (very small DB - 10MB). Verbose if off - FB 1.5.2 SS on Linux.

If I do the same using gfix with the -SE option, it takes less than
one minute.

I would like to know why, since in both cases the service API is being
used and so the time should be almost the same.

FireBase -

ABS> Jonathan Neve wrote:

>>Hi Alexandre,
>>Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>>>Hi people !
>>>I have a doubt
>>>Client FB 1.5.2 on WinXP
>>>Server FB 1.5.2 SS on Linux Redhat 9
>>>Both on the same lan segment (100Mbps/sec)
>>>if I run a gbak from the client machine it runs VERY slow
>>>gbak server:alias alias.fbk -user sysdba -password masterkey -v -t
>>>I leave it running for 30 minutes and it not finishes, it has progress
>>>along the tables but extremely slow !
>>>If I run the same on the server machine
>>>gbak localhost:alias alias.fbk -user sysdba -password masterkey -v -t
>>>it runs in less than 10 seconds
>>Yes, I noticed the same thing. In my case, I worked around it by
>>automating a telnet onto the server, running the gbak through telnet,
>>compressing to a tgz and copying the file over again by FTP. Rather
>>tedious, but incredibly faster.
ABS> Hi Jonathan !

ABS> Oh yes.. I did the same (using ssh instead :-P ) but I'd like to know why !

ABS> I have never noticed it, I think it's quite impossible that I never
ABS> didn't noticed that it is so slow if it's the normal behaviour since I
ABS> am always on clients and doing production databases backup's to my
ABS> machine for some tests

ABS> Some more info:
ABS> I have tried it from another XP machine, the same happens, I tried to
ABS> backup another DB around 100MB I got he same behaviour some tables goes
ABS> fast some others a bit slow (around 40k records) and others that are
ABS> smaller appears to be even slow. :-(

ABS> It's not something critical to me, I just whant to know what happens. :-/

ABS> Really don't know what is happening here...

ABS> thank you !

ABS> see you !