Subject Re: Losing select permissions on DB after script applied
Author toddmxz

It is a normal script adds a few tables, generators, and stored
procedures for the generators.

I have been looking into this and the only thing I can tie it to is
an ODBC driver connection that USER(TRIAGE) uses. It is the open
source firebird ODBC driver.

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> >Hello,
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> >I have a customer that is running a Interbase 6 / Firebird there
> >2 users SYSDBA and TRIAGE the TRIAGE user has select permissions
> >that I set with Grant Manager 3. When I apply a DB script to the
> >I lose the select permissions for the TRIAGE user. The funny
> >is the SYSDBA is fine. When I do a backup and restore the
> >permission return. Any ideas what the issue maybe?
> No. What does the script do?
> ./heLen