Subject IBConfigService1.ShutDownDatabase
Author Valdir Marcos
Delphi 7 + IBX 7.08 + FB

I have started one executable, then I have started another one in the same machine, both conected to the same FDB.
The seconde executable does:
- IBConfigService1.ShutDownDatabase(Forced,0);
- IBRestoreService.Protocol := TCP;
- IBRestoreService.Options := [Replace, CreateNewDB, UseAllSpace];

- IBConfigService1.BringDatabaseOnline;

Then, I recieve the error message:
"Error restoring database:\Test\Project1.fdb unsuccessful metadata update object DATABASE is in use could not drop database C:\Test\Project1.fdb (database might be in use)"

1. When I do a ShutDown, shouldn't FB detach all conections?
2. How can I use FB exclusively for Restore, denying al other conections during the Restore process?


Valdir Marcos

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