Subject Re: Changing trigger active/inactive state within a transaction
Author Adam
--- In, "mikcaau" <macomp@s...> wrote:
> > Of course a simpler way to do this whole exercise is to use events,
> > but that is not an option if you have to get through firewalls.
> >
> > Adam
> >
> Events will work through a firewall
> mick

Your right, I was too vague. By not an option, I was speaking about my
own personal experience with dealing with stupid techos to get ports
forwarded. Generally if they are not consulted during the purchase,
and get told by management to get the system working they can get a
bit precious about opening ports. The wont work is more on a practical
level then a technical level. Techically, it can work. In practice,
you are having to make it work and it was too much of a hassle for us.

Do you know if it works over NAT? Our databases are hosted on our
servers, and generally customers have their own vpn and connect to our
servers via RDP.

Providing you can open inbound ports on their firewall, it will work
though. We went the polling route for our software, because they only
need to open two outgoing ports (which most of the time are open
anyway), one for the remote software, the other for remote desktop..