Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fwd: Re: linux installation
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:25 AM 17/11/2005 -0500, Jason Dodson wrote:
>There is no good reason to confuse an already confused person with the task of
>defining a name lookup for a machine.
>Simply use the IP address of the database server, EX:

Oh yes, there is good reason. If dynamic IPs are being used, the IP
address is unstable unless there is a hosts entry in the host server to
anchor the address (making it unavailable for dynamic assignment) and
corresponding hosts entries in the clients to pass a value to GetHostByName().

On the subject of "confused people", it tends to be a lot more confusing
when someone habitually tries to force hacks and tricks onto new users
before they have actually got stuff to work by crossing the "t's" and
dotting the "i's".

Setting up the network for stable access takes much higher priority in my
perception than saving a few keystrokes in a one-time configuration exercise.