Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: PDF File from FB 1.5.2 Query
Author Olivier Mascia

Le 13-nov.-05 à 23:30, Dan Mallon a écrit :

>> From: Andrei Luís <>
>> Subject: Re: PDF File from FB 1.5.2 Query
>> Hi Dan,
>> U don't nee EMS Sql Manager, IBexpert Personal do that.
>> Just open one database and then open one table. Go to Data Tab and
>> choose Print Data, click on save report button and there it is: u can
>> save to several formats, including PDF.
>> []
>> Andrei
> So, does IBPP offer anything like that? :)
> Dan

Of course, not. :)
That's just a glue C++ library between your C++ code and FB.
If you know how to create a PDF file or have another library doing it
for you, you're done.