Subject Re: Urgent... Need Help
Author Adam
--- In, "kfkong" <kfkong@y...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently upgraded my XP to XP SP2 and I am using Firebird
> Super Server for my application, then I found the following error:
> 335544344 GDS Exception. I/O error during "ReadFile" operation for
> Error while trying to read from file
> null
> The above error only happen in XP SP2. I had no such problem with XP
> SP1.
> Is there something that I used are missing?
> Can someone help me please?

I think you will find that the reason you have had little response to
your first query was that you were and still are very vague on detail.

Does this happen (every time / some of the time / not too often)?
Does this happen (as soon as you connect / as soon as you start a
transaction / as soon as you run a query / as soon as you commit or
rollback / randomly)?

SP2 introduces a firewall that you will need to create an exception

Can you run

telnet localhost 3050

and get a black screen, or does it say something like connection
refused. If connection refused, then create an exception in the
firewall to allow communications and see if that fixes your problem.
If so, I imagine you have the wrong message file.