Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: additional firebird security to marry a database to a server
Author Daniel Rail

At November 14, 2005, 8:28 AM, S. Govindkrishna wrote:

> I think this is a good answer when it comes to server type
> applications. But when you are talking of embedded we must compare
> to Access and not to other RDMSes

> Here the problem is users who are not very computer savvy may be
> using it and sharing the drive and not realising the implications.

> Access does give you the option to secure your database.

And, you can also buy utilities to crack the MS Access security.

The best way that I can see for the database file encryption could
actually work would be to use a plugin encryption module that the
application developers can develop themselves. So in this manner, the
plugin could check against the hard-drive serial number or any other
hardware to see if Firebird is on the proper computer(and will return
an error if the verification fails) and also perform custom
encryption. But, this process would most likely reduce Firebird's

And unfortunately, what I've just mentioned doesn't exist in Firebird,
unless someone is willing to either pay for the development or
develops it.

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