Subject RE: [firebird-support] Database Size will affect the Query Speed?
Author Si Carter
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> We are planning to Shift to FireBird from MS Access. we have
> around 40 Databases(each contatins 75 Tables).
> As FireBird does not support Cross Database queries we merge
> all database to a Single Fdb File now the fdb file size is 25
> GB. Is there will be any performance issues?

This depends more on your SQL statements than the file size.

> 1) What are the common pblms while Implementing FB in clients machine.

Make sure you put fbclient.dll (or gds32.dll if your using it) in the same
folder as your app. Don't rely on shared folders (i.e. system32) to provide
the correct dll.

> 2) To secure my FireBird Database, I have created a role
> named 'SYSDBA' so nobody can open my database. How much
> secure is this?

Have a read of this

> 3) How can we access FB which installed in WIN XP with
> service pack 1
> (not SP 2).
> I have add the port 3050- still I can't connect to the Server

The connection string I am using is....

> 4) While comparing with Access,
> a Select Query (SELECT * FROM TABLE )which have 25 lakhs
> of records coming fast in Access- (Its Taking more time in FB)-
> but if the Query contains some condition FB perfoms well. Why?

This is a known issue with MGA architecture, try google for previous
discussions on this

OOI, whats lakhs?


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