Subject Re: PDF File from FB 1.5.2 Query
Author Dan Mallon
> From: "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
> most reporting tools include PDF as an output option.
> you're not telling us what connection components, language etc you
> use so we
> can't be very specific

Thanks Alan. I'm using C++. I'm looking for something I can call from
C++ or even VB. I firuged I'd write a stored procedure to return me
data and I'd use something to write the data out to a PDF.

> From: Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> No, it's free. You just go and set up a login and password for
> yourself. There's some cool stuff at CodeCentral if you're into
> Delphi. The search engine is pretty lousy though, so if you picked
> up a
> CodeCentral link from Google, save it to a textfile somewhere and
> paste it
> in your browser once you're logged in to your CC account.

Thanks Helen. I'll register and poke around.

> >If anyone produces PDFs from data in their FB database and can tell
> me
> >what you use, I'd be most appreciative.
> Well, I do, but it's a pretty crufty method that requires owning
> Acrobat
> Professional. I export a query to CSV format using IB_SQL, open the
> file
> in Excel, select the rows and print it to Acrobat PDF Writer.

So, that's if you do it interactively, correct. I always leave
important details out when I ask questions :(

> From: "Adam" <s3057043@...>
> I am not aware of any freeware application that does all this in one
> hit. Certainly there are lots of report writers with PDF outputs. One
> thing that might work for you is a ad-sponsored program called pdf995
> that installs a virtual printer driver. All you need to do is print
> to
> that printer and a save as dialog pops up and saves whatever you
> print
> as a pdf. It works quite well and depending on what you are doing may
> be all you need. There is also a paid version that removes the
> sponsor
> ad after each conversion.

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam. I can't do ads and I want to create
and name the PDF file behind the scenes without user intervention.

> From: Andrei Luís <>
> Subject: Re: PDF File from FB 1.5.2 Query
> Hi Dan,
> U don't nee EMS Sql Manager, IBexpert Personal do that.
> Just open one database and then open one table. Go to Data Tab and
> choose Print Data, click on save report button and there it is: u can
> save to several formats, including PDF.
> []
> Andrei

So, does IBPP offer anything like that? :)


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