Subject Re: PDF File from FB 1.5.2 Query
Author Adam
--- In, Dan Mallon <demallon@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a free or cheap method of extracting data from the FB
> 1.5.2 database and producing PDF. I've found EMS Sql Manager that
> looks like it would do it as well as a link on the Borland Code Central
> page. However, the Borland page requites a Borland Developer Network
> subscription which I'm figuring will cost me.
> If anyone produces PDFs from data in their FB database and can tell me
> what you use, I'd be most appreciative.
> Since last time I queried this list (2 or 3 weeks ago) for a question
> about installation, you'll be happy to know I've been subscribed since
> and am pretty sure I haven't seen this topic covered :)

I am not aware of any freeware application that does all this in one
hit. Certainly there are lots of report writers with PDF outputs. One
thing that might work for you is a ad-sponsored program called pdf995
that installs a virtual printer driver. All you need to do is print to
that printer and a save as dialog pops up and saves whatever you print
as a pdf. It works quite well and depending on what you are doing may
be all you need. There is also a paid version that removes the sponsor
ad after each conversion.