Subject Re: [firebird-support] InterbaseExpress
Author Aage Johansen
Michael Vilhelmsen wrote:
> Just to be sure.
> Using an InterbaseExpress comp. (TIBQuery).
> Selecting for instance 1.000.000 record (like select * from table) an
> running through them using first ... next ...
> will use some memory.
> But when making it unidirectional it will use significantly less
> memory, right ?

Don't know about IBX, but...
I regularly traverse result sets of about 1.000.000 records using an IBO
cursor (I believe) - haven't observed any negatives on server or local machine.
This is for exporting to some files on the file server, so data travels
from db server to pc and then to the file server. Time isn't critical, so
I don't mind that the transfer/conversion lasts an hour or two.

Aage J.