Subject Re: [firebird-support] [OT]: Re: Stored Procedure - now ?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>>Coming to the Conference, btw?
>>Yes I am.
>>Actually looking forward to it ;-)
>>I assume you're coming as well.
> Of course he is, I expect him to be standing at the airport jumping
> when I land carrying his Bamsemums. Though Bamsemums will get
> competition this year, Upscenes other employee Thomas (LogManager)
> visited Norway this summer and fell in love with Gjende cookies with
> chocolate and asked me to bring extra supplies. It will be interesting
> to see which of the two will get the highest price at the auction,
> there will be only one bag of each (I'll bring extra both to Thomas
> and Martijn, so a small fortune may be enough for others to get the
> goodies).

We will carry an Austrian goodie with us as well. I'm sure "Echte
Salzburger Mozartkugel" will get some attention as well. ;-)