Subject RE: [firebird-support] RDB$PROCEDURES . RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG from 0 to NULL?
Author Si Carter
> -----Original Message-----
> > Ive noticed this as well, never bothered investigating it
> further though.
> > If its reproducable like you say would be worth adding as a bug.
> Or at least, an "oddity".

Not sure its an oddity, looking at IB6 langref the description is:

RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG SMALLINT Indicates whether the procedure is:
. User-defined (value of 0)
. System-defined (value greater than 0)

Every week or two the 'what does a null value mean' argument rises; NULL is
not defined, in that context its neither system nor user defined (imo).

Of course, there could be more upto date info on system tables than what I'm
looking at, could be worth taking to fb-devel.


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