Subject Re: InterbaseExpress
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> >
> > memory on the client is not such an issue - depends on the size of
> row.
> > a million ID integers is not the same as a million rows of 350
> varchar(128)
> > fields.....
> > anyway - my concern would be the server RAM. the server needs to
buffer up
> > those records and hand them over to the client.
> But the server will flush them to disk if needed.
> And given that Firebird has no bi-directional cursors, this does seem
> a client problem.
> > either way it's something to be avoided - best practice... keep your
> > resultsets short and snappy

Yes I agree in keeping them short....

But we have a procedure, that will select around 280.000 records (some
varchar, some integer, some numeric etc).
The program will iterate through them, and insert 1 new record for
each of them.

WITHOUT unidirectional I get a OUT OF MEMORY.

WITH unidirectional I do not get this.

At this point, I have to come up with a solution that will work NOW.
I have to rewrite to code at some time, to make it better.

So thats the reason......