Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 and client connection
Author Alan McDonald
> Thx
> I am still communicating to you clearly.
> I'll watch the emails.
> Maybe I'll see the answer to the question I do not seem to be able to
> form correctly.
> Regards,
> Sam

there seems to be a lot of different interpretations as to what a
peer-to-peer network is. Somepeople think that means MS netbeui connections
between the PCs. But really, this is an obsolete term in IMO. Most PCs now
run TCP and whether there is a server or not on the lan, all PCs can see
each other is shares are open.
If you mean no dedicated server, TCP protocol between PCs, you still need to
have a FB server service installed on one of the machines to use superserver
or classic. Clients connect via a client lib (dll) using TPC protocol.
If you don't want a server service installed, then each machine is left
using it's own database with the embedded server (client/SS dll in one). No
other PC can connect to a local database on another machine unless you use
the remote protocol and a server service to broker the connections.

maybe this will flush out what you don't think adam is hitting on