Subject Re: FB 1.5 and client connection
Author Adam
> I'm sorry I wasn't clear.
> Our clients are large institutions which have several potential
users of
> our single product at their site. Currently, our app is a PC db
> which lends itself well to super-user mentality of copy-and-paste.

You seem to be mixed up here Sam,

SuperServer is just like Classic Server. Copy-Paste mentality is
really not a good idea. PC-DB app I assume means single user per DB.
If so, you want embedded not SuperServer.

Note, CS in firebird jargon stands for Classic Server not Client

Multi-user to a single database, you will need to install Classic or
SuperServer (or your own data abstraction layer). You can not
simply "file copy" these databases. In fact, in this case, I would
put the database file in a location the users have NO permissions to

> We expect the new FB CS app will be installed and run in the usual
> at corporate - FB on a single PC with the app EXE in a shared
folder on
> the same (ptp) PC or from a true network folder with appropriate
> writes. In this arrangement, disregarding performance issues, if I
> to add a new user of this app, what would I have to install on the
> client machine to access and run the EXE from the ptp PC?

A shortcut, but make sure you understand the different modes Firebird
can be run in.