Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 and client connection
Author Sam Hunt
Yes and no,

It does work, we used to implement our software that way, but we found
that the network speeds were causing performance degradation as the
software grows (scope creep).

Our current model consists of a single application and ini file. The
ini file has the location of the "master" binaries, and a relatively
simple program checks the file date of the binaries in the master
folder and downloads them if they are different. The program then
launches the Login screen.

This approach avoids lock conflicts when upgrading binaries, most of
the time no user is using the master directory (except for a second
when they log in), so even if they don't quit, you can still copy the
files into the master directory, and the next time they launch they
are upgraded.

If your software is small enough and your networks stable enough to
launch over a share, then I don't see why it would not work (it isn't
hard to test it yourself though).


One more question:
My company's software is purchased by clients all over the world, but
mostly in USA.
Our company maintains an update website where clients can dnld the
latest release.
The current app uses a PC database and the EXE and all data files reside
in the same dir.
To run the current version offsite, our clients copy the whole app
folder from the corporate PC to the offsite PC.

The new version of this app uses FB152 SS. I understand that moving
(reinstalling) the new app to an offsite network will be just a little
more complicated than copying a folder. What I am trying to learn is
what is the absolute minimum we would have to install (if anything) on a
client PC in order to run a single EXE from a PC that is also the FB
server machine.

We are still developing the new app and when we test it, we copy the
EXE, a set of UDL files, and the fbclient.dll to the client test
machine. The dev PC is also the FB server PC in a p-t-p network. (If we
run the EXE from a network PC, it's very slow - probably caused by our
virus software which we will resolve when we have time.)

Your comments most appreciated.
Sam H.