Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB users can do too much by default
Author Vlada Macek
[At 10.11.2005 11:54, Adam kindly sent the following quotation.]

>Ideally, security should allow the SYSDBA to disable all access to a
>database for a given user.
Sorry for repeating myself, but I'd like to be absolutely sure, since I
liked Firebird very much until now: Do I get it right, that this is
impossible in Firebird to restrict any database file access to SYSDBA
and the db owner only?

If so, I find it very sad. I'm rooting a linux box with several
independent users and now, how can I give them access to their own
relational databases when they would be able to not even peek at other
people's dbs, but also create tables there?

Am I the only one here (except Adam) who consider this to be a crucial

Thanks in advance for your responses (so far and future ones).


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