Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Help pleas for ISC ERROR CODE 335544333:"Internal gds software consistency
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Tom and Helen:

Thanks both for your suggestions.

Helen, some of the information about IBO was very helpful. I have been using
4.2 Ie. Just got the latest version but haven't taken the time to upgrade yet.
I did change FireBird.conf parameter setting.

In the end, I did what Tom suggested. I Googled the ISC ERROR and found
someone suggesting the same. I ran gfix against the database and sure enough
there were 2 record level errors. With more work and some luck, it was clear
they were in the MasterLibrary table.

Since I make the database in question programatically, I suspected something
amiss there. Sure enough, it was a comma + space that should have been a comma
only in a parsed out WHERE id IN <<list of ids>> clause. Still not sure how
this created the problem exactly and really don't care at this point, but it
now works fine.

The whole thing is part of an update process for the desktop application I'm
putting together, so this is a datapump type use. The user gets the db zipped
and the program unzips it and imports the changes/additions.

The qryUpdate was just a component that I designated for reuse by various
sections of the code, thus the need to state explicitly the connection, since
the connection could be either the update db or the user's db. And, you're
right I don't need to keep re-assigning the SQL, but its no big deal to leave
it as is. I suppose I could consider adding an IB_Query component that I would
use just for this purpose.

Thanks again,


tomconlon7777777 wrote:

> AFAIK this indicates a possible serious database corruption.
> Your best course of action may be to try to mend it (using gfix) -
> taking a backup prior.
> Tom