Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multi-file database
Author Jakub Hegenbart
Yaten Kou napsal(a):

>hi list,
>i was trying multi-file database but i don't seem to be getting the
>behaviour that i'm expecting.
>below is a sample scenario to further illustrate my problem
>The command:
>gbak -c sample.fbk test-01.fdb 40960 test-02.fdb 40960 test-03.fdb 40960
>The result:
>-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 535552 Nov 9 07:15 test-01.fdb
>-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 2048 Nov 9 07:15 test-02.fdb
>-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 2048 Nov 9 07:15 test-03.fdb
>-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 2048 Nov 9 07:15 test-04.fdb
>i was expecting a different result, i was expecting that test-01 to test-03
>would be
>limited to 40960bytes (plus header) and test-04 would contain the rest of
>the data.
>is that correct or i'm missing something?
>best regards,
>yaten kou
It's correct, you're just missing the right units. It's database pages,
not bytes. Therefore, you should calculate the right page count for the
file size you need and use it.