Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Update Table
Author Marcelo Machado
Dear friends,

I understand that it could be more "logical", but it is necessary that appear the options "yes" or " no ". A lot of times, in the area of the health, not to say "no" doesn't necessarily want to say "yes".

If I leave it "no" unchecked, it can be that I want to say yes, but it can also be that I have forgotten to say "no". And that could be a "fatal" mistake!

And it could not also use radiobuttons (more logical), because would not force the professional to fill out the field.


Marcelo Machado

Adam <s3057043@...> wrote:

> No, actually, the table could ONLY have rows for the "checked"
> items.
> If there's no row, it's unchecked.


So NULL means False?

Most surveys I have seen (particularly with 600 checkboxes) are not
all compulsory. Sometimes only a few (random) questions are asked.


25. Do you use firebird? (Y/N) (if so skip to question 50)
26. Do you like paying money for something that a free product does




To me, it makes more sense to include a record for each answer, as
well as the answer given unless all questions are compulsory (where
you could save a bit of data storage). It may be important to
distinguish between the questions that have not been asked and the
questions they answered no to.

My 2c



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