Subject Re: [firebird-support] problems with install from source (linux)
Author Milan Babuskov
Dariusz Adamiak wrote:
>>Please find either with "whereis" or "find" and look at
>>its permissions with "ls -l". Also trace permissions on all directories
>>leading to it (ex. if it's /usr/lib/, then inspect /usr
>>and /usr/lib).
> there is but all permision to /usr is 700

That's wierd. I never see a Linux system setup like that. It would mean
that no user (even as a member of some group) would be able to "enter"
the /usr. And we know all the libraries and some of the applications are
there. Most common is 755, and I've seen setups with 750, but never 700.

> maybe right that autoconfnd (or) configure didnt work properly,
> my way to install was when i receive prompt for password
> i log from second screen and change permission back (chmod -R 755 /usr) and install goes follow

You did a good thing changing it back.

> but i wonder why did it happend..

My guess is that some of the scripts did a chmod on wrong directory.

Milan Babuskov